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I know, I know- again?  To put it simply: Yes.

I have returned to my virtual playground and I’m absolutely delighted that you’re all here to join me. Now, I haven’t reentered the world of blogging because I’ve missed it (though to be honest I definitely have) but instead because we have a pertinent issue on our hands that must be dealt with immediately: Teenagers are not voting.

You don’t need me to list all the reasons why it is imperative that everyone vote in this election- if it isn’t clear to you by now, then you’re beyond saving. But, some people may need a slight nudge in the right direction, that being: towards the polls.

Not only is voting your civic duty, but in our current political climate with such an unpredictable landscape, and a general population so easily swayed by the media-regardless of the verity of the news they project- the United States is in trouble. Look at the polls, they’re close. Too close. Their numbers shouldn’t have even been in the same zip code- but here we are, neighbors in percentages.

Though  currently has Clinton leading by a little less than 30% nationally, they predict that she’ll only win 48% of the popular vote. Which is absurd. Voting isn’t just about making sure that Clinton makes it to the oval office, but it is also a demonstration of ethics. By showing that Donald Trump can win approximately half of the popular vote, a message is sent not only across the nation, but to the entire world: “We’re okay with this.”

We’re okay with misogyny and bigotry and candidates backed by the KKK. We’re okay with generalizations and stereotypes being treated as fact. We- a nation of immigrants- are okay with barring people from our soil. No- we’re not just okay with it, we agree with it.

That is what 50% of the popular vote says.

Here, in New Jersey, there is almost a 99% chance that Clinton will win our state’s popular vote and therefore our electorates. Since the odds are so greatly in her favor, not voting may not seem like a big deal. She’s going to win anyway- right? In some cases yes, in others, no. She will win NJ, but Pennsylvania? Florida? Ohio?  North Carolina? Swing states are those in which the vote matters most. So, something that people are doing is trading votes. With #NeverTrump, a new app which allows Clinton voters in blue states to match with third party candidates in swing states and ‘trade’ votes, voters are ensured that Clinton will get more swing state votes and third parties will get their votes counted in a place where it won’t count against Clinton.

Perfectly legal and incredibly clever.

So, if you can’t stand casting the ballot for Hillary yourself- just have someone else do it. Because at the end of the day, its either her or the other guy. As Fran Wilde said the other day, “We are not watching a train wreck…we are on the train.” Don’t be a bystander in this election. Use the power you have, and use it well. Go vote. Because if this train crashes, we all go down with it.

Oh, and it’s good to be back.

Until next time,




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