Bracket Season

 Annnd, we’re back!

Spring break is coming to a close this evening, as the grand majority rush to finish whatever homework they’ve been assigned and more likely than not saved for the last minute. But naturally, when the masses have something important to do, they end up here, searching for something new to center their hallway gossip around. And boy, do I plan to deliver tonight!

It’s basic knowledge that Promposal Season’s beginning is marked by the ending of spring break. That means it’s also Promposal Bracket Season, starting tomorrow. Or tonight really, since the bracket should come out before the games begin. No worries if you forgot to create your bracket- I, along with a few close friends, have fashioned one which I am confident will be 100% correct.

Now, I’m sure you’re all dying to see this thing. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a piece of art, so you should be excited to see it. But like all good things in life, it comes with a catch. That being- it’s written completely in emojis.

I know, it sounds ridiculous- because it is. Let’s not forget that I’m not allowed to use any names on here **cue eye roll** but that hasn’t stopped me before and it sure as hell isn’t going to stop me now. So, the bracket being in code means that you guys are going to have to figure it out yourselves. And, to make this even more fun, the first person to guess the bracket correctly in its entirety gets a fun little surprise.

I know, I know- usually I tell you all not to ask me who’s who. But it’s a new day, a new age, and to be honest, PHS is getting rather dull (more so than usual). I think it’s time to spice things up! So, let the games begin. Happy guessing!

Until next time,


The Bracket 


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