The Age of Narcissism

 I’m baaaaaackk and once again returning from yet another blogging hiatus. I hope you all missed me as much as I miss the days when snapchat displayed people’s best friends.

Tons has gone down in the world of PHS drama since I’ve last written. If you know about it, great. If not, you better find a different news outlet, because you’re not gonna hear about it here. Though, I’m unsure if Tiger News is going to give you all  the juicy deets you desire. Oh well.

You’re probably wondering: if I’m not going to give you the scoop on who’s recently cheated on who or which freshmen were crazy enough to order 600 beers for a party, then what could I possibly be blogging about. Well it’s your lucky day, I’m writing what everyone loves reading about (even if they say that they don’t). You.

People love reading about themselves. Of course they prefer good things, but even the crappy stuff, the mean, flesh tearing stuff, the type of honesty meant for behind closed doors and not on blog posts- even that type of stuff- people feed off of it. You know why? Because we are living in the age of narcissism.

We don’t notice, because we’re so used to it. But have you ever stopped and looked around? Everyone is so self absorbed- and not in the way you’re thinking. We’ve honestly taken it to a new level and changed the meaning of the term self absorbed. In this context, the negative connotations associated with it cease to be. Here, it doesn’t mean selfish or egotistical. Instead, being self absorbed is based off of how much one cares about what other people think of them. Which at face value doesn’t sound very self absorbed at all.

Caring about what other people think is by definition selfless. Yet, it’s been morphed into being concerned with what others think, but only when their thoughts pertain to you. Otherwise, what other people think isn’t really all that important. Which is exactly why it is what it is: narcissistic.

People care so much about how they’re perceived by others that they don’t have time to form their own opinions about themselves. They’re so busy being concerned with what everyone else thinks and they spend so much energy trying to mask the fact that they care, there isn’t enough time or energy left to make a decision about one’s self, for one’s self. So the default opinion is the only opinion most people have, that being the opinion of others. Which really isn’t the one that matters.

You can tell that you’ve reached this point of reliance on the public mind when you start stalking yourself on Instagram and pretending that you don’t know yourself, to see what others might see. Or when you check to see who’s looked at your snapchat story. What are you checking for? No really, what do you expect to find? Or better yet, and I see this all the time, when people roll through a party just to get a picture. How many times have you seen those people who are so obviously having no fun, yet the next day their story looks like they were having the time of their lives? I bet a few instances just popped into your head. Crazy right? These kids put so much energy into creating a facade for people they don’t even like, just to ensure that they’re seen a certain way.

It’s obsessive and it’s silly but hey, at least it keeps the rest of us entertained (that is if we can take the time to look away from ourselves). And that’s what really matters, right?

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “The Age of Narcissism

  1. Ms.Ponder… Just read what you wrote about that foolish game and would like to say thank you for stepping up and voicing your opinion.Maybe a trip to Auschwitz would wake up those who participated. Be well. Levi


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