Same Sh*T, Different Year



Hello and happy new year!

Do you feel different? Changed? Newly revived from the sludge which was 2015? I doubt it. You’re probably just hungover. Take an Advil, drink some water and get ready for the new year. Which, more likely than not, is going to be just like last year, until it isn’t. But you won’t realize when this year stops being like 2015 and becomes 2016. Making this whole “new year, new you,” idea kind of contrived.

But I haven’t returned from my blogging hiatus to tell you about how silly New Years is. In fact, I’m writing because I’d like to pull some value from the otherwise useless holiday. Instead of making this piece about me, and the ridiculousness that I so frequently have to put up with, I want it to be about you, my darling reader. I want this to make you think. And I mean really think. Not about me or anyone else for that matter. Just you.

I want you to think about what you got done this year. Anything? Did  you do anything? Who did you meet? Did they like you? Do they still like you? What did you break in 2015? I personally broke 3 plates, 2 cups and the handle off the bathroom door. Oh and a window.

Who’d you kiss? What did you wear? How good were your grades? Did you get into any fights?How many friends did you have? No, actual friends. Who are you not talking to?  I want you to ask yourself all these questions. Answer them. And then, answer this: does any of that matter? In the long run, does any of that have any significance? I’m not saying it does and I’m not saying it doesn’t. I’m just pondering. I guess on some level it has to have some gravity, right? I don’t have all the answers, I don’t even have half of them. I just wonder if you don’t do anything that matters, to you or anyone else, do you matter?

That’s just about all the questions I have to bring in the new year. A lot of speculation and very few answers. Hope no one gets their panties in a bunch over this piece- save it. Trust me, there’ll be plenty of bunching to do in response to my next few articles. Because though it is a new year, it certainly isn’t a new me.

Until next time,




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