These Are Not Your Friends

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I can’t help but notice the little things in life. And sometimes, in this case especially, the little things are in fact realitively large things. Specifically, how in high school there are more fake friendships than that of a college campus during the first 2 months of school. The only difference is that we’ve all known eachother for at least three years, and should be past the superficial bull that is the social dynamic of lower education. 

I seriously can’t be the only one exhausted by the one-dimensional relationships clogging the halls on a daily basis. I just can’t. 

Legitimately every day I find myself being taken aback at something someone says about one of our classmates whom I previously thought to be their friend. This is especially true during break. People just bitch and complain about their friends incessantly to the point of exhaustion. 

“She’s a bitch.”

“She’s a whore.”

“She’s wearing the same shoes as me.”

What. The. Hell. These comments wouldn’t bother me or even raise my attention if they weren’t prefaced by: 

“Omg I love her, but…”


“She’s literally my best friend, except…”

Seriously?! Why are you friends with people who you don’t like? I do not understand. You realize that if you’re speaking poorly about them, then chances are, more likely than not, that they’re saying the same stuff about you. 

That raises another question. Why would you want to be friends with someone who says crappy stuff about you behind your back? I mean, why would you want a friend who says crappy stuff about you at all, but I just feel as though behind your back is even worse, because it means they’re a coward. And cowardice is so utterly unattractive.

And do you realize that you sound beyond shallow when you say mean stuff about your friends? It’s embarrassing. Stop doing it. If you have beef, tell them, not the entire cafeteria. 

The fact of the matter is that when you say ugly things about people who you also claim are your “very super best friends” and whom you hang out with and tell your secrets to, you look like a fool. Because only a fool would treat those who love them like crap. An ignorant fool. 

When I say this always happens, I mean always. Just yesterday I was chatting it up in the hall when one of the girls I was standing with calls her friend, and I quote, “a dumb slut with no friends.”

I was like, “bruh, aren’t you her friend?” 

Only to be met with, “hahaha, yeah! I love her!” 

I swear to god. How are you about to refer to someone you “love” as a “dumb slut” to a group of people and then continue on to say she has “no friends,” and then go on to say that you are in fact her friend. I cannot be the only one severely confused by this. 

Or another instance when I was getting food with two of my friends and pal #1  says she doesn’t like a certain girl because this girl allegedly did some naughty stuff with someone elses boyfriend. Ok. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how my other friend, pal #2, who is good friends with the suspected boyfriend snatcher, agrees with pal #1’s synopsis and complete trashing of this girl. WHAT. She didn’t back her friend up. She didn’t say it was all a rumor. She just nodded her head and agreed. 

That, my darling readers is how you know who your real friends are. It’s not how they act around you, it’s how they act when you aren’t around.

It isn’t all bad at PHS though. Once, at a very large slumber party, this same girl (boyfriend snatcher) was brought up in conversation, as she frequently is, noutorious little thing. Everyone was so sure that she was, once again, fraternizing with a boy that wasn’t her’s to be fraternizing with. Then, her closest friend speaks up, loud, clear and not to be argued with. 

“No, that isn’t true.” She shut us all down with one sentence, closing the conversation on said girl for the rest of the evening. 

That’s it. That’s all she said. That’s all that needs to be said most of the time. It’s weird to think who would stand up for you, isn’t it? And if you know that someone wouldn’t, why would you consciously choose to waste your time with them? Maybe I’m missing something super amazing about having shitty friends, but I really doubt it. 

Anyway, just something to think about next time you want to talk crap about your pals. Will it ever equate the amount of crap they talk about you? Hmm, the world may never know. 

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “These Are Not Your Friends

  1. This dilemma has been puzzling me since freshman year. As a senior I can tell you it doesn’t get any better and that I still can’t figure out why bitches can’t get their acts together and grow the hell up. What I can promise is that you’ll just learn who is and is not worth your time. If you keep groovin’ to your own funky beat, you might not get the most dancers, but the ones you get will have a whole lotta soul.

    Groove on ❤️

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