Just Say It


 And we’re back! 

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been a while- but it’s so fun making the public wait. Lucky for you, the wait is over and you once again have the privilege to hear me complain about things I don’t think I should have to deal with. Hooray. 

Recently, something that’s been totally bugging me is the fact that people are such scaredy cats. I know that may sound puerile but hear me out.

 Almost every day I hear from one person or another about how they want to hookup with someone. And if I don’t hear it directly, I’m witness to it at parties or any other public function. Even worse is when one of your friends likes someone else. When there are actual feelings, usually the person on the other side of the conversation is constantly being told how wonderful and funny and smart their pal’s crush is. All things that no one should have to suffer through. Why would anyone think that someone else enjoys hearing about how cute and funny some random high school boy or girl is? It really confuses me. 

Let’s be honest. If you want to stick your tongue into someone else’s mouth, that is your perogative. That is a you problem. By talking about it incessantly, you make it an everyone problem. And that is selfish. 

There is nothing wrong with having a crush on someone or wanting to take care of your little teenage “urges,” as my dear friend Simon calls being horny, by hooking up with them. If getting with them in some dingy bathroom or bedroom with no lock on it at a party where everyone knows your business is what you gotta do, then by all means have at it! But don’t make the rest of us suffer through the lead up. Stop being such a scared infant and take care of your problems in solidarity. 

I know most people are afraid of getting their feelings hurt by putting themselves out there but come on! If you’re really that terrified of asking someone to hookup or date you or whatever it’s probably because you have a really strong feeling that they’re going to say no. And in that case, you’re wasting your time anyway. 

I think people might as well be honest about their feelings. By keeping them inside you’re just making life harder for everyone else. What is the worst that could happen? They tell all their friends that you asked them to hookup? Oh no! Not their friends! Seriously. Is that what you’re afraid of? That people will know you got rejected? 

Best case scenario is that they say yes and your get some booty and/or wifed up. Boom. Totally worth it. I was trying to explain this to my friend yesterday. He has a HUGE crush on a girl in the grade above us. And given, yes she is out of his league and yes she is definitely in the top five hottest chicks in the senior class but he might actually have a chance with her, which is entertaining in and of itself. Anyway, I spent ten minutes of my precious time trying to explain to this kid why he should just tell her that he likes her, just to have him say, “she’s not like someone I can just go up and say that to.”


If she is a person with ears, she is someone you can go up and say something to. I believe in you!!

Another time I was subject to watching someone be too terrified to share their feelings was at a party. No lie, this guy is standing next to a girl, smiling at her. That’s it. He was just smiling. What the hell is that supposed to tell her? Certainly not that you like her! Looks more like you’re blazed out of your mind and you couldn’t find anywhere else to stand and stare so you chose her. And then, AND THEN, he has 2 of his friends, who are happily dating may I add, go up and ask her if she wants to get with him. Is this seventh grade or…?

The best part? She said yes! She took his sweaty hand and dragged him into the closest room. She was so down and he was still too scared to ask. This is the type of crap that makes me concerned for PHS kids.

Of course I’ve done the same thing maybe a billion times. Yeah I know, you’re probably thinking “who does she think she is? Being a hypocritical butt head?!” The answer is, I think I’m Jamaica Ponder and you’re reading my blog– nonetheless, I’m a purpertator as well.

Just this weekend, ugh so embarrassing, I was super into this boy and didn’t say anything. How stupid is that? And I find out two days later that he was into me as well. So stupid. 

I just think you should speak up. Say how you feel. It’s high school, none of this is real life. Do whatever you wanna do, because seriously, what’s the worst that could happen?

Until next time,

-Jamaica ☆


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