Let’s Talk About Sex

  Hey hey hey,

I’m back! And I hope you’re ready because there will be absolutely no chill in today’s post. Why, you may ask? I dunno. I’m just feelin’ feisty. 

So as you all probably know, I’m a member of quite possibly the most prestigious group to ever grace the halls of PHS- Teen PEP. Gosh, even the name just screams notoriety. Teen PEP stands for Teen Prevention Education Program. We’re a group of 28 juniors who have been trained in leadership and sexuality issues.

Sound familiar? It should, it’s stright off the script. 

Personally, I love teen pep. I think all of us do, even while learning 40 lines the night before a workshop or pulling answers about STIs out of freshmen who are still afraid of the word penis. No joke. They cringe. 

My favorite part of the program is our class time, where I get to try to inconspicuously count all the people who have had sex in the room. Today, I was doing my usual counting when I realized that I had only been told first hand by 3 people about them doing the dirty. The other 6 or so I was just speculating about. Making assumptions, which is totally a no-no. But then I wondered- is it rude of me to ask? Probably in a normal setting it would be so out of line but this is basically Safe Sex 101, so it would be for educational purposes if I got a little nosey. Right? And since when have I been concerned with staying in line? Literally circa the 5th grade when we actually had to stand in line or run the risk of loosing recess. Ugh, lame.

But did I have to ask? I didn’t want to be rude by interrupting the discussion by shouting across the room, “Hey friend of mine! I was wondering if you and your girlfriend have ever banged! Why do I ask? It’s for my “Who’s Had Sex In Teen Pep” list! You have? Thought so. Thanks!”

That would not fly. Then I realized, the only reason I even needed to double check is because someone else had told me that these unconfirmed 6 people had in fact done it. So if someone told me, then they definitely told someone else, so the best way to find out is to ask around. Right?

Wrong. I tried it and now I’m 100% sure that there are at least 3 new rumors out there that, I swear to god, I did not mean to start. Except for one of them. That one was on purpose. Oops.

After asking my Teen PEP counterparts and coming up short and with only 2 of the 3 original people who were 100% confirmed remaining on my list- seeing as during my searching I heard that one of my previously confirmed people could possibly be lying (That happens to be a major no-no by the way.) , I was at a loss. Frustrated, I began to wonder why I even cared. If I were being honest with myself, which I almost always am, the only reason that I was keeping track of who was screwing who is because I didn’t feel like paying attention in class. Which would explain why I never know my lines. Ugh, how embarrassing.

But seriously, why is everyone so obsessed with whose sleeping with who? I defiently condone it- because getting into other people’s business is a classic American pastime, but when does it become excessive? And how many people have had sex that we don’t even know about? Like someone in my small group suggested googling today: “how can you tell when your friend has lost their virginity?” Who’s keeping secrets? And when will it all come out? 

That’s the thing. It all comes out eventually. I’m sure we all remember the scandal of the century last year, and that had been going on since the 8th grade. Who knows what’s going to come out at the end of this year, or maybe even next week. That’s the best part, no one ever knows, until everyone knows.

You can say that you don’t care about other people’s business, but you’d only be lying to yourself. I mean, why else would you be reading this, when your probably have homework you should be doing? Hmm, so many questions. Hopefully I’ll find some answers.

Until I do…


Also big congrats to Julia for getting into Wake Forest! You’re such a super ☆. 


7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. Everyone in teen pep gets in because they need the advise themselves. It’s all the sexual active assholes that the school feels need extra sex Ed. Keep on tooting your own horn you fuckers


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