It’s Me!


I’m Jamaica. Since about forever I’ve been told that I need to document my life because it’s such a fiasco that it would be a crime to keep all the juicy details to myself. After almost 17 years of ignoring that advice, I’ve finally come to my senses and decided to share my teenage experience with anyone who wants to know. 

This blog will be a mixture of exposés, life tips (not that I’m qualified to be handing out advice) complaints, celebrations, insider information, crazy adventures and poorly made decisions- as well as the obligatory selfie which will of course display my fashion poweress and provide a visual for whatever I’m sharing.

I hope you’re ready, because this right here is the first edition of the epic which will be the tell-all to end all. I’m not holding back. Toes will be stepped on, secrets spilled and plots revealed (mostly my own, after their completion- but none the less!). I’ve already taken high school by storm and now I’ve chosen my newest platform- the Internet. Enjoy what I have to offer- but please, no flash photography.

Until next time,

Jamaica  ☆


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